Vehicle Repair Log

Generally a good practice to have for any of your vehicles, a complete vehicle repair log will help you establish a maintenance log for your car or truck. In the event you have a lemon, you can use this log to easily file a lawsuit against the vehicle dealer to be compensated.

For all warranty repairs on your vehicle, you must take that vehicle to an Authorized Repair facility.

The following template is an excellent example of what you should have and what would be needed to press charges for a “lemon-sale.”

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Make and Model of your vehicle
  • Odometer Reading
  • Date & Mileage when vehicle repairs started
  • Date & Mileage when vehicle repairs were finished
  • Name of Maintenance Dealer
  • Order Number and Information
  • Keep the work order! The work order will provide the details of the repairs needed as well as the price you paid.

When taking your vehicle in for a repeat-repair, be sure to explain the problems to the mechanic the same way every time. If your engine overheats whenever you’re going faster than 45mph, tell them, “My vehicle overheats whenever I go faster than 45mph.” Then, make sure that is the exact phrase they write on the work order! Not only will this increase the chances of your vehicle being fixed as soon as possible, but, in the case you have to file suit, there will be no grey-areas and your case will be resolved promptly.

To ensure the protection of your rights defined by the Lemon Laws, each unfixed defect must be described identically each time you take the vehicle in for repair and make sure that your complaint is written on the Work/Repair Order.